Soooooo. After a long pause on writing and a smidge of censorship, I’ve come back to the keyboard to express myself with an ounce of caution. In February I went on vacation (while working at Woodard) with my (awesome) wife and my (amazing) two boys. We went down to Disney and shared that with our youngest who hasn’t been before. It was exhausting and very hot, even for February in Florida. In all, it was fun and we had a good time.

But this post isn’t about that. No, it’s about being laid off. I could write a book about it or should at least be given an honorary degree or something. The day I came back from my vacation, I was laid off. Without too many details, I was told that the company was filing for chapter 11. I’m aware you would probably prefer to have the details instead but that’s where the wisdom kicks in. Don’t want to shut any doors in my future if I don’t have to.

Up until that point I had no idea. And it was surreal, as you can imagine. With all that, I did what I needed to. And that was that.

The Woodard Company was an interesting experience. I got to go to two conferences. I did a lot for those conferences. I also learned more and more from my studies on my own time about WordPress. Even went to the US WordCamp in Nashville as a volunteer. On that, I would like to restate how much I enjoyed it and how I felt I could make a difference. It was amazing.

I played a role in the Woodard Company no one else could fill. I’m not bragging, it’s just the situation. It would be very hard to find someone with my experience¬† willing to work in-house. So I was laid off with a number of other employees. Good, good people. People I will miss. I’ve moved forward though and ironically I was hired the same week in a web/video/marketing firm. I’ve been working for Social Network MD in Marietta. It’s a good group of folks who I can click with and put up with my corny jokes.

So this story has a happy ending.

Au revoir Woodstock.

Bonjour Marietta.

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