I’m all done with WordCamp US 2017. Saturday was good but I had a rough start. I’ll leave out some details but Air BnB has crossed me twice now. I’m starting to hate that game. The joint I stayed at was full of cool cats that went to WCUS with me but the bed I (sort of) slept in was a wooden rack wrapped in linnen.

So I pulled a 22 hour day. Woke up at 3ish in the morning. My back hurt all day long as I tried to stay awake in session and rubbed elbos with some folks I knew from Atlanta. Brad and Kathy from the Atlanta WordCamp were there – I got to meet a handfull of new peoples also. Really a good time at the conference. WCUS good / AirBnB bad.

I got to help at the Happiness Lounge and met even more people and I would like to give a huge shout out to Jan Dembowski (@jan_dembowski)! Thank you sir!

Matt’s (again, first name basis) presentation was great. The direction is to get Gutenberg (hereby forward will be refered to as G-berg) to core roughly in 4 months. There was some concern overall from just about everyone who asked questions about that decision. There was also a live presentation from Matias Ventura which went over very smoothly so kudos to him and his team.

There was an after-party but I, in my limp and bedraggled state (from the so-called “bed”), couldn’t muster enough umph to get my butt there. I packed up and headed out. The drive home was peaceful. Lynard Skynard on the radio followed by techno in my blue tooth.

There was so much to take away from the conference. I still can’t believe it was only 40 dollars – I feel like a criminal. I can honestly say it was so good it moved me and I’m totally hooked for the next WordCamp. Probably both Atlanta and US.

See you all next year.

And thank you.

So another year. Wow, ’16 was rough. I learned the ropes at a new company, went to my first Scaling New Heights and built out a colossal social media site with BBpress and BuddyPress. There were some bumps (politics, celebrity deaths) and a couple of really good moments also. I’m going to do what I always do – focus on the good.


So I started recording myself. No! Nothing like that. I found a program that screen-captures video when I work (audio also) and I created a YouTube channel. The thing is that my videos are a little, uhhhh, crappy? I’m critical about my work, so yeah, they’re sorta horrible right now. That’s why there’s only a few of them. I’m not good at this but I’m (absolutely) determined to get better at it. Needs organization and perhaps I could huff helium before I hit the record button.


Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) is the screen capture I mentioned above. It’s great. At first I had some serious problems with it detecting the video card and there was a lot of DIY work to get it working. Then there was an update mid 2016 and it seemed to kill that bug. So, fingers crossed, if you download it, you shouldn’t have the headache I did.

Site Redesign

My site wasn’t exactly hurting. It was doing good but I just wanted to improve the feel of it. I think I’ve achieved that. You’re reading this text on a grey background which is so much easier on your eyes. I have a better portfolio now – each project has a popup image gallery (which is mobile swipe friendly). That was built with custom post types. I removed the About page and reduced the amount of information on Services also.

I’m also working on getting an email list going. Busy busy busy.

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