2020 was, at best, survivable. And the last thing you probably want to read about is that year. So instead of talking about politics or disease or Microsoft, let’s talk business. I’ve been launching sites since 2004. I can still remember the horrible mess I published way back then and the embarrassment that it was. It was straight HTML with a sad color scheme and a video of an animation I made in a 3D class. It was the start.

In between that site and this, there have been thousands of pages and hundreds (maybe more) of graphics. I’ve made static HTML sites with simplistic navs and interactive navs animated with CSS for a number of companies and people. I’ve learned WordPress. I’ve taught WordPress. I’ve done a lot. I’m not tired, but I am, honestly, frustrated with the results.

I tried to pinpoint where the obstacles stop progress and remove those obstacles. I came up with a new way to approach project management. I’ve created a theme with specifics to speed up production of sites. I’ve managed clients and lost clients. I’ve gained new ones and waved as old ones left. I poured over pricing and committed to putting customers first while my competition does the opposite.

I think it all comes down to other peoples decisions on what a site is going to do for their company and how much they are (or not) willing to update – use their site effectively. I can not come on board and hold hands for clients. But my competition can. There’s a lot I can add to that list, but I won’t. I don’t dislike building sites and creating graphics that enhance the site’s experience, but there are so many other factors in this that overshadow that joy. I just can’t overlook that any more.

I could have saved you time reading and just say “I’m done with Websites,” but I need to explain the reasoning behind the my decision. I also want to thank everyone who supported this idea and my business. Thank you Brittany,

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