I had to sit on this for a while. The whole “I’ve got a secret” thing is really annoying and I can assure you, I hate doing this. I’m the sort of person that loves to blab about everything, so holding back is awful. In March I designed a new concept for Woodard and the Scaling New Heights conference.

A mix of colors swirling around in the background. Above those colors is a silhouette of an arm. Above that is white text that reads out "Rise of the Advisor - St. Louis / 2020"

As the title implies, the conference will be held in St. Louis, MO in 2020. Ironically, so will WordCamp US.

According to Douglas Adams, this number has a significance. But it could also mean absolutely nothing. Today I turn 42. I’m an old man : )

I am happy to report that I will be speaking at a WordCamp. Ok, not as happy as I am nervous and anxious to get it behind me. I will be talking about moving from a design role into a developer’s position. I’m working on the slide deck and pretty confident it will work out. Sorta : /

So here’s the deal. I’ll be doing my thing on Saturday, May 5th @ 2pm. WordCamp Atlanta will be at The Loudermilk Center in downtown Atlanta. Yeah, so I will have to come up with a creative way to park my car. Here is a link to the schedule for the three days (come Friday for beginners):


So that’s my life for the next month. Then I get ready for the United Kingdom. I’ll be going the first 3 weeks of June to visit with my family and float around on a boat while everyone gets toasted. It will be fun : )

I’m also going to throw out there that I’m really happy with where Outright is going. It is now an LLC with the state of Georgia and I’m tinkering around with Mailchimp to get a process in place for all my clients and you; my audience. All four of ya.

I’ve also started networking again. I’ve met a few people and will probably do business with some of them. I also have made headway outside my bubble and created a website for an accountant in Kansas. You can see it here:


Thank you for reading and I hope to run into you at WordCamp. Go easy and keep clicking

Get it? Sorta like “gluten free,” but a play on words! Wow, am I creative … sigh. So, as I posted on Saturday, Gutenberg is live and I’ve already switched 2 of my sites over. No problem. All the crying and fits I’ve heard from other developers are completely unwarranted. So I’m writing this in a block now. Yep, Alluring is now running on gluten.

Wait, no – uh, Guten. Not gluten.


I suppose it will take some time to absorb and accept the fact that I didn’t write the above into the template. That’s a block folks. Right there. Blam!

What else can I do?

This block is "verse" - not sure what it does but I will as soon as I publish. And how about that gallery up there. Super fast to make.

Ok – now for an embed. Let’s just throw one of my videos in here . . .

So I could go on and on. There’s a slew of options. In fact, this is a 2 column layout block. Also found a few other fun items that Auttomattic got right – an HTML block. Good job.

And this is the other column. Picture time!

Why are people having such a hard time with this?

Ok, enough fun with blocks, I’ll have to resume writing stuff now. I’m working with some new techniques that a coworker learned on me. Really interesting stuff – using roots.io and something called “blade” from laravel.com. So I’ve been busy learning (tyring to) the stuff. NPM, another great resource and I feel pretty happy about the amount of code I’m cramming in my small brain.

Using that new stuff, I’m working on a site (beastwithinproductionsusa.com) which is home to a handful of actors and actresses, some of whom starred in Star Wars. Cool huh?

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