I started back at Woodard last week. Welcome sign and all. A bit nostalgic and a tad scary. If one we’re to put that aside and assess the scenario, one may conclude that the result is favorable with ones’ own desk and office.

When Chewy is in your selfie, it’s a “chelfie”

That’s Chewy. He’s one of my co-workers and it turns out he’s not into data or code. And the commute! Ohhhh the sweet, sweet 12 minute drive from my house. Things are good aside from a little fear. But what is life without adversity?

I went home on Tuesday for lunch and jumped on to the ol’ puter. I started working on a project (I’m building sites for fun now) and 5.0 has really sinked its teeth into me. I adjusted one page template and unleashed the ol’ WP loop and that was it.

I have a learning curve which I have combined with a conscious effort to restrict myself from using code in the site. This way I can hand it off to a customer with little training needed.

First thing on the agenda is to build out an “everything” page for reference. I’ve already made the pages. Maybe throw some images into a folder and then start thinking about the text. Excited to get back to that. If the first customer doesn’t bite; re-brand and resell.

It’s getting old. And to be honest, I’m tired of writing about me and not my work or the things happening on the internet. So I’ll start with a promise: last post about my day job. Seriously, no one wants to read about it.

I love what I do and learning new languages or technologies. That said, I know when to switch tracks. Two weeks ago I was approached by the Woodard company with an offer for my old job. Long story short; I’ve decided that it’s the right track to switch to.

WordPress jumped a huge hurdle on Thursday. Gutenberg was a major milestone and Auttomattic pulled it off flawlessly. Also got to watch Chris Coyier’s talk about front end development yesterday. I highly recommend for those of us that keep the keyboard warm at night.

I joined planet fitness. I went 15 miles on the stationary bike. Planet fitness has an app, naturally. I’d love to invest more time on Android’s SDK, but I have a lot on my plate ATM.

I’ve also purchased a new domain – outrightsites.com. Which means I’m rebranding. Which also means a lot of other things and I’m revamping this site. The design looks slick and uses the same child theme I used for FloridaWeddingOfficiate.com (which is still in development). I love where it’s going and already have green scores on GTMetrix.

Speaking of Florida Wedding Officiate, I have to bring the comments over from that front page to the new review page. Using bootstrap on that site also.

Videos – had a pretty good experience last week in where I created an 8 minute walkthrough with post-editi g and uplaoded to YouTube in an hour in 15 minutes. I think I can get that down and start laying out a master syllabus for my tutorials.

Next year looks daunting. I’ll be spending the holidays in Florida so at least I get a break before the storm.

Soooooo. After a long pause on writing and a smidge of censorship, I’ve come back to the keyboard to express myself with an ounce of caution. In February I went on vacation (while working at Woodard) with my (awesome) wife and my (amazing) two boys. We went down to Disney and shared that with our youngest who hasn’t been before. It was exhausting and very hot, even for February in Florida. In all, it was fun and we had a good time.

But this post isn’t about that. No, it’s about being laid off. I could write a book about it or should at least be given an honorary degree or something. The day I came back from my vacation, I was laid off. Without too many details, I was told that the company was filing for chapter 11. I’m aware you would probably prefer to have the details instead but that’s where the wisdom kicks in. Don’t want to shut any doors in my future if I don’t have to.

Up until that point I had no idea. And it was surreal, as you can imagine. With all that, I did what I needed to. And that was that.

The Woodard Company was an interesting experience. I got to go to two conferences. I did a lot for those conferences. I also learned more and more from my studies on my own time about WordPress. Even went to the US WordCamp in Nashville as a volunteer. On that, I would like to restate how much I enjoyed it and how I felt I could make a difference. It was amazing.

I played a role in the Woodard Company no one else could fill. I’m not bragging, it’s just the situation. It would be very hard to find someone with my experience¬† willing to work in-house. So I was laid off with a number of other employees. Good, good people. People I will miss. I’ve moved forward though and ironically I was hired the same week in a web/video/marketing firm. I’ve been working for Social Network MD in Marietta. It’s a good group of folks who I can click with and put up with my corny jokes.

So this story has a happy ending.

Au revoir Woodstock.

Bonjour Marietta.

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